Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yard Sale Ugghh!!

Here I sit on a sunny Saturday morning.  Yard sales are NOT my thing.  I do not enjoy "bargaining" Something about fussing over .50 just doesn't appeal to me.  I hate confrontation, a yard sale feels like one confrontation after another!  But yesterday despite being cold and very windy, we did pretty good.  Just a few stragglers today, but a dollar is a dollar and so we will stay out here in hopes of selling more junk, valuable items!
The freight truck that will move our belongings to Missouri will be here on Tuesday, we have 2 days to load it, then it leaves Thursday.  We leave the following Friday and get to the farm on Saturday, April 30!!!
We are running out of days, eekkk, so much to do, it is nice to get this yard sale done, then we pack and clean then paint and we're off!!
We're working on setting up a You Tube channel, we hopefully can post some video of our cross country trip as well as some Farm "first impressions"!  I wanted to let you know the count of our pageviews is higher than it has ever been!!!  It's so nice to know folks are reading our blog!  Thank you!!  Why not comment and let us know if you are new readers, or better yet "follow" us!
I hope your Saturday is going well and you have a restful weekend!


  1. Dear Misty...just stumbled upon your "little space" and have enjoyed browsing your writings! We love visiting the Amish areas! Your new home and land is so very homey! We are from Kansas...but we have 20 acres in the Missouri Ozark area and absolutely love spending time there. Ours is very primitive...a camper...a couple of out buildings and much work to well as spending wonderful family time there. I look forward to following your family as you all settle in to your "new" home! Simple Blessings ~ Teri

  2. I fell just like you about garage sales. Now I just call the Cancer Society and they pick up my things. Looking forward to seeing your You Tube. Hope you get it going. Keep everyone well. They have a lot of work to do. Big Hugs and kisses.
    Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe

  3. hope you did well at your garage sale!

  4. I've enjoyed reading your blog! I actually love finding small treasures at garage sales but hate to hold one, also because I do not like bargaining. My daughter is going on a mission trip to Kenya this summer and I to India so we have to raise funds. God has also been dealing with me lately on the idea of getting rid of all the stuff that holds me captive. So we are killing too birds with one stone. A lot of work though. Hope you did well on yours!

  5. Can't remember how I found your blog but I love it. I wish I was on this journey with you. I am praying that the move goes well and look forward to more of your posts. Keep them coming.