Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Old Home Place

I had a few minutes and Danes laptop was unused at the time so I thought I would post some shots Kegan took of our home and surrounding area. 
Above you see our little homestead.  We have 2.5 acres, there is no irrigation, if you want green in New Mexico you have to have irrigation.  So there is our double wide manufactured home.  You can kind of see our little chicken coop and our motorhome.  The trees are Juniper and cedar, very short, very scrubby.
We have a lot of washes here in the Southwest, they are dry most of the time, but when it rains they can flood!  And like most desserts we have a lot of sand!  The boys like to play in the wash, but only on sunny days!  Oh, there is also LOTS of sagebrush around here!

This is one of many hills around our place, we do a lot of hiking on them, very dry here in NM!
The children have spent hours running around up here playing and filming mini movies.

WAY out in the distance you can see a couple of natural gas refineries.  Most of the industry in this area revolves around oil and gas. 

This is a shot of my parents yard just three miles south of us, this is what you get with irrigation!!!
I hope you enjoyed our little tour of our part of New Mexico!
Soon, all of our pictures will be green, green, Missouri Green!!
Have  a blessed day.


  1. thanks for sharing- neat pictures!

  2. It is beautiful Mrs. Anderson...are there are plans to put together an irrigation system? And where is the water drawn?

    I pray that this move will be filled with great success and new adventures :-)

    Mrs. M.

  3. Very nice pictures. I love visiting NM, I was there a couple of years ago with my parents. They own some land there although I've never seen it. The land is much different from where we live but it's beautiful in it's own way. Best wishes on your move to Missouri.

  4. That is my "guest house" not the motorhome that I see in the pic.