Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Living Room Tour

Welcome from Kelly's Korner, I hope you enjoy our Living Room Tour

It's time for the 4 Moms 35 Kids Home Tour!!  Today is Living Rooms.  Be sure to see all the other fine homes at Life in a Shoe.
The first week was the Outdoor tour, last week was Kitchens!

Here is a the view when you enter the front door, the first thing you see is the Music Wall.  Danes banjo, Kegans mandolin, Donagans guitar, there's also a scrub board and small guitar there too for when the littles want to join in.  Dane LOVES his banjo and is very good, in this humble wife's opinion.  He longs for us all to play together some day.
You also see our screen and dvd player, Wii and assorted other electrical stuff!  Oh, and the fish and my dog India, in her crate!

This is the view from the master bedroom, here we have Dane's big chair, our leather couch, and some child back there down the hall.  We LOVE our leather couch and chair, they are perfect for a family our size.  I don't know why we didn't get them sooner.  These were bought last year at a black Thursday sale.  We got a great deal on them!!  And they still look brand new, which is saying something for this house!
Here's a better look at the furniture. The sheepskin on the couch is a favorite of the kids they call it "huggy-ruggy" and fight over it on movie night!  You can see my sewing machine, I would love to have  a sewing room, but since there isn't an extra unused room sitting around I prefer the living room for sewing, I can still be a part of what is going on with the family, and get some work done in the process.
This is a shot behind the couch, we left the castle and blocks the littles got for Christmas here quite by accident, but they love to play with them back there.  They are allowed to play quietly while we have read alouds for school, or when we are watching a educational video.  By the way our TV is just a screen we use it for movies and Wii only no real TV.

These are the bookshelves that flank our wood stove, they hold about half of our families books!!  You can see our Easton Press book collection on the top shelves.  Having good quality books to pass on to the next generations is very important to Dane and I.  As soon as you finish reading one of these books you may very carefully write your name and date in the front, we hope to have a great family history recorded in these books!
Our wood stove works great, too great, most of the time it runs us out of the room because it's so hot!  But we're glad we got it, it's nice to not have to depend on the propane man for heat!

This is really the entry way, but it's all just one room.  The shoes go on the shelf, the coats hats and whatever else needs hung go up on the hooks.  Dane and I made the hook board a couple of winters ago, after we put it up we realized it needed to be much longer!!  It looks fine now but when every ones coat is up there it's a crowded mess!  We really love our giant clock, but sadly it will not be joining us back in time, as it's run by battery!
Well, that's about it for our living room, not very big or fancy, but we sure like to spend time together in it!!  Oh, you'll notice our walls are all pretty dark, I love these colors, my house can look like fall anytime of the year!!  plus you can't see all the finger smudges and assorted things that get smeared on walls by small children!!  Although if they get bumped you do get a nice white mark!
Have a wonderful day,
Sweet baby Octavian and my sweet doggie India sharing some quality time!


  1. You sewing machine caught my eye- we have the same one! :) Love the last picture of baby Octavian.♥

  2. What a great room. LOL at baby Octavian. And I love the's gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for opening your home - it's lovely! The autumn colours are so beautiful on the walls!
    Your baby is just adorable there with the dog!
    Have a great weekend

  4. We just thought of writing names in the fronts of books read a couple years ago. I wish we had done it always- it would be such a lovely record to know who read what and when! Thanks for linking!

  5. My husband and I were married in November, our little house has a wood stove too. If I didn't keep an eye on it the tempurature would get to 80 or 90!