Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Home Stretch

Well, here we are in the home stretch.  We are down to a few weeks, just  over 20 days!  The moving truck will be here in 14 days!  WOW!  It is pure chaos here.  I do have a laptop to call my own though.  Years ago Dane and I got a Compaq laptop, I think it was in 2005.  In 07 Ileighs' puppy, Molly chewed through the power supply, at the time it was very expensive to get a new one, so we just packed it up and used the desktop. While we were going through things to sell at the yard sale, we came across it.  Dane got a universal power cord yesterday and after hours of downloading updates, I have a "new-old" computer!!!  The cord wasn't cheap, $80, but that's a lot less than a new laptop. I am so pleased to have a computer to blog on, I really wanted to be able to preserve all of our new farm memories, now we can!!
For some reason, it won't cooperate with our cameras sd card so no pics yet.  Kegan said he will work on it tomorrow for me. 
We were supposed to have our yard sale this weekend, but the weather might not work so that might be put off for another weekend.  Time is so short, and there is so much to do.  It feels like being in labor!!  I feel like I am in transition, the part where you just want to say "Enough,I am going home, I'll have this baby later."  That's me this week, I want to say, enough let's forget about packing and cleaning an painting, but like labor you can't just quit, so I will press on.  Also like labor though, at the end you get a really sweet baby, this time we get a really great farm!  Have a wonderful day and may God bless you the whole day through.
Here's a shot that was on the computer, from our 07  trip to the BIG TEXAN
The children look so young!!


  1. How exciting! The time is really drawing near now. I have a question for you. Living without electricity how are you planning on storing food? My husband and I have an offer in at a place without electicity and while I'm sure I can tackle cooking with a wood cook stove, I'm a little worried about actually storing food! Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. What an exciting journey you are beginning. I just found your space...and I am completely enjoying how candid you are with your words.

    It is amazing how completely dependent we are with technology! :-)

    Mrs. M.