Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Did It!!!

Dane's thinking, "Will it all fit?"

It's hard work watching the men load up the truck!

The truck came on Tuesday morning!  Dane, Kegan, Quinlan and my Dad spent the next several hours stacking, cramming, balancing, re-stacking, and finally shutting the door on all our earthly possessions!  Whew!!  What a day!
 There was a time in the afternoon where it looked like all of it wouldn't fit, but my men have a knack for packing and eventually got it all in there!  They picked the trailer up this evening and we will meet it next week in Missouri!  It was kind of surreal watching our things drive away.  It was good too though, to realize it's just stuff, it can all be replaced, what's important is the people in our lives.
Hmm how do we get the divider in?
YEAH!! We did it!

I would like to take a moment and thank my parents for all their help and time.  I know the last thing in the world they want is for their daughter, son-in-law and their only grandchildren to move 1200 miles away.  They have been gracious and giving, and we really appreciate it.
Thank you Mom and Dad, for everything!


  1. Hi Misty
    It's lovely to catch up on your blog & see what's happening! I'm so excited to be following this journey of yours - what God has in store for you guys is so exciting!
    Glad you could fit all you needed to into the truck - we've moved a few times & it's always tricky trying to get everything in & of course you have to pack it so nothing breaks too!
    Have a wonderful week - I'm so glad you'll be able to blog from your farm

  2. Dear Misty,

    Congratulations! It is such an undertaking to be pack everything you have accumulated and watch it drive away without you...destination, many miles from what you know.

    I have moved from one coast to another, so I know how daunting it could be to go through the process. But at the same time, you are right - it is only stuff!

    Your children and your husband are with you and that is what is important.

    I pray that you have a stress - less move...and that this adventure that Our Lord has blessed your family will be all that you are expecting and more! :-D

    Mrs. M.

  3. Welcome to Missouri! The Dogwoods are blooming, the morel mushrooms are out in full force and the pastures are extremely green!