Monday, April 18, 2011

Macaroni Football

It's late, we're tired and we want to go to bed, but there is still a bit of packing to do.  How is it we have so much stuff?  Crazy......we got rid of SO much too!  Truck comes tomorrow at 8am, then we load it Tuesday and Wednesday then Thursday morning they come back and pick it up and off they drive to MO!! Then we will spend the next 8 days painting and cleaning and seeing friends and family, then Friday the 29th we will take off!! Have I said all this before? I can't remember, my brain has turned to mush!
I wanted to let you know that this weekend while watching my stuff walk away for pennies, I was struck with the worst feeling of, well dismay, that was my blender and my waffle maker and my toaster, and how was I supposed to cook on a wood stove and hey, what the heck were we thinking?  I guess you could call it cold feet, the feeling passed, but I will admit I was surprised by it, after all this non-electric life was my idea!  Now I am back to being excited, but as the days whiz past there is a bit of apprehension.  We are leaving behind life as we know it, and starting up a new one, all of us.  I must be tired because it feels a lot harder than it probably will be!
Ok, why did I title this post "Macaroni Football"?  We all took a break this afternoon in the midst of packing.  Quinlan found a 5 lb. bag of dry macaroni, he and Ileigh began tossing and hiking it back and forth, normally this is not the kind of behavior I allow but I was spent and something about them tossing pasta and the impending doom of a huge mess, made me giggle hysterically.  I laughed really hard, tears were rolling!  They kept doing little touchdown dances and the like, ah life is fun!
Kegan is still working on a You Tube posting, we hope to get some video of us packing the moving truck!
Have a great day, and keep laughing!
PS (can you have a PS on a blog?)  Our Yard sale was very successful, thank you for all your kind comments.


  1. Letting go of what you used to consider important is hard. Now, you and your family are embarking on a new journey.

    In the beginning is going to be hard, so do not think that it will get easier. But because this is the goal that you and your family have set for will succeed!

    Our Lord has provided the blessing...He will also provide the helpers to give you the know how.

    Remember every good thing comes from Him :-)

    Packing will be strenous...but this time next year, you will be looking back to this time with fondness...

    Mrs. M.

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