Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Hear You Don't Have a Date to Prom

Update: post now includes really old photo of said teenagers ;)

Twenty-one years ago today I met the man of my dreams, although I didn't know it then!!
My family had just moved to this area in January 1990, I went to public school for the first time, what a shocking experience that was!
It was April and the Senior Prom was rolling around, now I wasn't then, nor am I now, into that sort of thing, but I had very few friends and was hoping at least to be asked.  Danes mother was a teacher at the high school and had seen me, and told Dane I looked like a nice girl and he should ask me to prom.  My mother had been praying that God would bring someone nice for me to go to prom with.

The morning of April 14th, my mom ran out to my car and told me she felt today was the day, I thought, ok, sure mom whatever, and drove to school!

The morning of April 14th Danes mom told him, ask that nice blond girl to prom today.

SO between 5th and 6th periods Dane came up to me and said, "I hear you don't have a date to prom, would you like to go with me?"
I said sure I'll go with you, (which by the way is totally not like me I usually take weeks to make a decision like that!!  I got home that afternoon and mom was waiting by the door, I told her, yes, someone asked me to prom, but I didn't get his name!!!  I just remember he was very tall 6'3", and huge, as in muscular.  And of course very handsome.
It is amazing how God can bring people together, as Dane and I have talked about our childhoods, they were so different, and as we've grown so close over the years, we are still in awe of what God and praying mothers can do !!
Not to get mushy or anything, but I love Dane with all my heart, he is the butter to my bread, the light of my life, my soul mate, my kindred spirit, my beloved, My Daney!
So glad our Heavenly Father saw fit to bring us together!
Today, remember the one you love and give them an extra hug!


  1. Our Lord created Him knowing that that date will be the one!

    Only He wonderful that you and him followed His Promptings! :-)

    Lovely picture...lovely color on you by the way.

    I am partial to purples and blues myself :-)

    Mrs. M.

  2. what a precious story!!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. It was a giant step of faith to tell Misty I thought she would be asked to the prom. I had spent lots of time in prayer for her because she was starting her 4th school in 5 years. It is hard enough to be a teenager without always being the new kid. The Lord was in control. Thank you Jesus!! Love you, Mom

  4. Absolutely precious story! Isn't it great how we can look back and see God's hand at work!
    Linda in GA