Monday, April 25, 2011

Taking a Break

Saturday was ZOO DAY!  We took a break from moving and cleaning and took off for the Zoo and Botanical Gardens!  We try and take the family every year, we thought the Saturday between the moving truck coming and us actually leaving seemed the right time to go!!  All week Rohan has been very excited, he LOVES the zoo!  He spent his week asking everyone what their favorite animal is, and what their top ten favorites are.  We also took our neighbor boy Avery.  My boys and Avery play all weekend and we will all miss him when we move! We also took my Mom with us the children really enjoyed having her along.  Here are a few pictures of our Zoo trip.  Enjoy!!
Eeek big scary snake!

Elsah like to take "pictures" too

The boys!

Kegan and Octavian hanging out!

Rohan and Elsah, "Zoo Buddies"

The whole crew!

This isn't even half the pictures Ileigh took, she is such a wonderful photographer and really enjoys taking pictures.  She has started a new blog to showcase her photos, you can find her here.  Why not stop by and comment, or follow, it would make her day!!!
Just 4 more days and we take off for Missouri, we hope to keep you updated while on the move!!


  1. Very nice post. Id love to go to Missouri one day, really pretty country out that way. A good looking blog by the way. Richard from

  2. Hello!
    I've been reading about your family since you shared your blog on Keeping a Family Cow board!
    I pray your travels are blessed. The zoo looked like a very fun day!

  3. You can tell I had trouble leaving a comment -- all that came through was "sample comment" anyway, Ileigh fixed it. I just wanted to say the best way to travel with 12 people in a van is to have lots of snacks!!! The kids weren't too loud because their mouths were full. It was a wonderful day. Sure going to miss my family!! Love, Danni

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