Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open House Tour Master Bedrooms

Welcome from Kelly Korner!  Enjoy our Master Bedroom Tour!

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It's Thursday and time for the 4 Moms 35 Kids Open House Tours.  Today is Master Bedrooms.  Let's just say I am so late getting this post up because our master bedroom is the place where everything gets left or put so that the living room and dining room look nice, so our bedroom required a bit of work!  Be sure to stop over and see the other Master Bedrooms at Life in a Shoe.

Here is what you see as you come in the door.  The quilt on the bed was made for me by my Mother, because she loves me!!  And I bugged her for it!  It's called Trail.....Ah!  Stitches on the Oregon Trail!  It's been a long day and I've gotten about 6 hours sleep the last 2 nights due to little children and their deplorable sleep habits!  Anyway enough about me.  The tree on the right side of the bed was in this house when we moved in, I have tried to make it thrive, but it insists on dying a slow death.
The picture above our bed is "The Accolade".  I can't remember by whom, and the baby is asleep in there.  Dane and I got it for each other for Valentines day several years ago.

We just love it!

  This is the view from my side of the bed.  You see our dresser and Octavians bed.  This crib has served all of our children and me.  Yes, that's right this crib is 30-- something years old.  A couple kids ago my Dad refinished it and it looks great, ready for a few more.....maybe!

Ok, over by Octavian's bed you look this way and see our supplementary bookshelves.  They hold our ever decreasing dvd collection and some old magazines and some of Dane's technical books.  The door on the right is to our bathroom, which you may not see..sorry. 

This is my side of the bed.  The dresser is old, I'm not sure how old though, Mom, do you know?  It was my Grandma Frankie's, this dresser holds Octavian's clothes and blankies and some of my things.  See that black case over on the left, that's my Autoharp, don't know what an autoharp is?  Well let me show you.

Here we are, an autoharp is a folk instrument, they have been around for about 100 years.  You push the cord buttons and strum the strings.  I'm not good at it, I've never had a lesson, I just play around at it when I have some spare time, which isn't very often!  I can play with Dane on a few songs, though. 

Hey....a Quinlan on our bed, how'd he get there? 

  This is our doorknob to our bedroom, it came from, well you can probably guess, Grandma Frankie's, front door.  I was so happy Dane could make it work for our bedroom door.

Thank you so much for joining us on our little bedroom tour.  Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter our Mini Lantern Giveaway!

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  1. I think the Accolade is by Frederick Leighton. It's a lovely picture and it looks great in your room! Thanks for linking.