Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kitchen Open house

Welcome Those From Kelly's Korner, Enjoy!

Hello, it's Thursday and that means part 2 of the 4 MOMS 35 KIDS Open House.  This week it's kitchens and Dinning Rooms.  Be sure to check out all the other Tours at Life in a Shoe.

Our kitchen is a nice size for our family of 10, it has lots of counter space and cupboards. 

Here Donagan is drying dishes in preparation for kitchen picture taking this morning!
Thanks Donagan, for a job well done.
Ileigh deserve a thank you too as she does most the kitchen clean-up, Thank you Ileigh, your the best!

This is what you see as come in the front door, the light is terrible, with the window letting in all the sun, makes for a bad picture, but a nice sunny kitchen!  What you see is my baking table, it holds all the necessary baking ingredients. 
Flour, wheat berries, brown, white, and powdered sugar, soda, salt, yeast and baking powder.

It also holds my Boch mixer. I love my Bosch, I can make loads of bread and baked items in it!! It gets used just bout everyday. I will really miss it when we go back in time and leave it behind!!
Here is the ice cream parlor chair that has been in my family for at least 70 years.  Next to it is our ice cream freezer, it has been used alot this summer!  There is also some art work and my collection of old spoons and utensils.  Most of my collection came from my Grandma Frankie.  She loved old things and was kind enough to share her collection with me. 
Here is more of my old kitchen junk collectibles!  They hang on an old barn board.  Sorry for the lousy picture the sun was shining again!
Here we have my cast iron, I LOVE cast iron cookware and use it every chance I get!  Later I will do a post showing all my pieces and how to take clean, season and refurbish cast iron.  This cart also holds the snacks, pretzels, dried fruit, and granola bars! YUM! 

These are wooden spoons and the like that I actually use, I abhor plastic and try and use only wood or stainless steel in the kitchen!

A tour of our kitchen wouldn't be complete without a picture of the "Chicken Bucket".  It is where everything, except meat, gets scraped.  All chickeny scraps go in here and are dumped to the birdies once a day.  The chickas love us for it!

Thank You for stopping by our humble kitchen.  All of us love to cook an bake in here and really enjoy our times together.  May your kitchen full of warm memories!


  1. I love your country kitchen. It has so many warm touches.

  2. Great kitchen- I esp. love those bowls on your baking table! :)