Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Cooking With Rohan"

Post has been fixed - NOW you can comment and make a 9 year old boy VERY happy!!    Thanks!!!

Hello, My name is Rohan and I LOVE to cook, I can cook lots of food by myself!  Today I thought I would show you how to cook sausage on our wood cookstove!

First wash your hands, this is very important!

After opening you sausage, you want to smash pieces into round patties.
At our house we need 20 patties so everyone can have two!

Getting the sausage ready can take some time, but it is an important step.

Now slowly brown your patties on the hot part of the wood stove,  it takes a while to cook sausage on a wood cookstove so start early, or your brother might get impatient!!

When you think they are done, be sure to check and make sure there is no pink!!

YUM, breakfast is ready!!


  1. Hi Rohan --

    I loved your post!! You made sure everyone knew how important it was to get the sausage done. I know you can cook several other things. Have you tried tuna and noodles? I sure love you and miss our Uno Games. Danni

  2. I am proud of you. Sure wish you could teach Uncle Joe how to cook. Keep up the good cooking. LV Aunt Linda

  3. Roh, let's cook some ribs next weekend! Dad

  4. YUM -- YUM -- LET'S HAVE SOME!!!

    Love, Poppy

  5. It takes talent and savvy skills to cook up such tasty sausage, and on a wood stove to boot! And for such a hungry crowd. I'm very impressed. Keep that spatula hoppin'!

  6. I made your sausages the other night for dinner. We had a backwards night. They were good. Not sure if they were as good as yours. But you need to tell me how you clean up all that mess now. Love and miss ya

  7. They look great.Would you like these? In Australia we call them scones.Take 3cups of cream 4cups of self raising flour 30mls of cold water &mix.Turn out on board & roll out. Cut out with a glass or cutter. you want them as very thick biscuits cook 12 minutes in very hot oven. You can add half a cup of sugar and glaze the top with a beaten egg but we don`t could cut in half & put your sausage in or put jam & cream on.Have fun Marie Ps1:1$

  8. Well done you!!
    Your sausages look terrific!
    I think it's great that you enjoy cooking.
    My sons are all grown up but when they were your age they learned to cook many things.
    Now they know how to feed themselves well and make delicious things to share with others :-)
    It's a great skill to learn!
    God bless you Rohan.

  9. hi family, i'll be there real soon!

  10. Great job Rohan! I have 2 little boys who like to help me cook but have not ventured on their own yet. The oldest is 8 though, so maybe he's not far off from being able to follow your example. :) Keep up the good work!