Friday, August 12, 2011

Today Is Quins-Day!

I'm Quinlan, I am 14 years old and the 3rd oldest in our family.  I thought I would take a minute and do a guest post on our blog.  

Here on the farm there  are a lot of  "creatures"!!  Spiders, moles, snakes, birds, bugs, frogs, and many, many more!!  Here's some shots of just a few of the creepy crawly critters we've seen!

Here is a giant moth, at least as big as my hand!

Fuzzy Caterpillar!

The yuckiest,  ugliest, nastiest spider I have ever seen, huh Poppy?

The cutest, tiniest, snake I have ever seen!!  Ferran rescued this one from a spiders web!

Here is the first frog I found, he's so tiny, but dangerous, I didn't know it at the time but he secretes an irritating oil  behind his legs!  

Rohan caught this one, he was HUGE!!  He is what they call a bull-frog.  They make the loudest noises!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post on Quins-day, have a great day and enjoy all Gods creatures!(well except maybe the spiders!!):)


  1. Good job on the post. Poppy liked it all but the spider -- looks too much like a Black Widow! I liked the tiny snake.

    Love you, Danni

  2. hey Quin! I think this should be a regular addition every wednesday. But no more frogs ok.... Love dad

  3. Yes, I vote that this would be a wonderful Wednesday edition. Keep up the excellent posts!

  4. Quin, great post!
    We have those frogs by our house in SE Wisconsin and we found out the hard way about the nasty secretion. My 6 year old son's eye was red and inflamed for a whole day! Yikes!!
    I think regular posts would be good too.

  5. I would not expect anything less from your post. Next time give me warning that snake gives me the creepies.