Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quick Update!

Howdy all,
After a unintentional "blog break", I am back!!  I have several really good posts in the works!  We have been SO busy!  Company and summer ending and fall beginning, YEAH!!  The weather here is wonderful, I can't tell you how spectacular it is, dry but the temperatures are fabulous!  Thank you Lord, that everyday isn't a summer day!!

Up-coming posts:

Wild animals in our neck of the woods, (and I don't mean my 6 sons!)

Solar showers, (because even in the summer warm water feels good!)

Thrift store treasures, (turning an ok bargain into an amazing bargain!)

Old-Fashioned school, (using 150 yr old curriculum!)

Sewing for young ladies, (information on patterns, fabric and sewing for little girls!)

That's just a few in my line-up, if I had unending hours of spare time and lightening fast internet you might see all those posts before Christmas.  But, Hey, I'll do the best I can, have a wonderful day and enjoy Autumn!

 NO calf yet, I think Trudy might be pregnant FOREVER!!!  She has really bagged up, her udder is HUGE and hard.  She has lots of goo, (sorry to Auntie Linda, and others who really didn't want to know about the cows goo;).  I'm hoping she'll go soon, I want MILK!!!!


  1. Glad to have you "check in". Can't wait to see the upcoming blog posts :) Have a lovely week!

  2. The poor gooie momma cow. I love when you share such important info.
    Love to all
    Aunt Linda

  3. Your list sounds great! Looking forward to your posts :)
    I hope that calf has come by now. I know with our animals it seems they come when you aren't watching ( which is hard when you are anticipating it )
    Have a lovely day

  4. Do you have milk yet? Looking forward to your next update and some pics!