Monday, August 15, 2011

"Everybody needs a Trudy in Their Lives."

Octavian - almost 2!!
It's time to announce the winner of the "Guess the Cows Name" contest!!    

As you can tell from the title our new milk cows name is TRUDY!
Jen and Becki guessed correctly!  I couldn't choose just one of them so if you BOTH will email me I will send you the home baked treat of your choice!!

Why did I pick Trudy?  I'm sure your all dying to know!  Last winter when we still had electricity and a big screen tv the older children and Dane and I watched the TV series MONK on netflix.  We watched all 8 seasons in about 3 months!!  We enjoyed Monk and and I loved the name Trudy!  Not enough to name a daughter that but enough to give it to a cow!!  It was hard though not to name her Ruby...I LOVE that name, I think I might save it for a baby, maybe!  If she would have been more refined, more beautiful, less       Trudy-like I would have named her Ada, I love that name too!  So Trudy it is and we are finally getting along a bit better, although I think she loves me just for the grain I bring her!
Now we are waiting on pins and needles for a calf!  Soon, I'm told, no signs of imminent labor yet.

Thanks to everybody for participating and if you guessed Trudy,  please remember to email me!


  1. Congrats to the two winners! :) Octavian sure is a cutie!
    Heather @ Mountain Home Quilts

  2. How funny! We've seen Monk episodes, too, and know exactly who Trudy is.
    Octavian IS such a cutie....