Monday, August 9, 2010

Yard Sale Fun!

I don't usually do too many yard sales, I enjoy them, but just don't ever seem to get the chance to go to them.  This Friday the older children and I were out and about so we followed a sign and found a great sale.  It was a yard like I wish all sales were, like they used to be.  Full of old decrepit stuff, not just new plastic stuff people sell to so they'll have money to buy more plastic stuff.  This one had some really unique bottles and old tools.  Kegan bought 2 big bottles and 2 old rusty tools.  Ileigh got an old bottle, and 2 vintage books, if there's books to be found you can count on Ileighto see them!  Quinlan bought a safety razor and an animal call for hunting.  They were quite pleased with their purchases, but I was thrilled with mine!! In addition to a few tiny old bottles I got those 3 big beautiful crocks you see in the back!!!  I got them for $10 a piece.  I suppose I could have bargained for them, but I was so tickled to get them at that price that I forgot all about wheelin'and dealin'!  These type crocks can sell for $30 or more a piece!  These aren't antique, which is even better, I can use them on the farm and not have to worry about them as much. So all in all it was a great little yard sale, hope I find more like it soon!
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