Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Farm Tour with Elsah Doe

4 Moms and 35 Kids are having a month of Open House tours!! I thought this would be the perfect oppourtunity to show you our little farm in the dessert. I also thought it would be nice if Elsah gave the tour as she loves to be outside with all the animals!
Don't forget to check out all the other open houses over at Life in a shoeHello Everyone,
I'm Elsah MayDell, my family calls me Doey. I am 2 and half! Want to come and see my little farm? We live in the High Dessert so we have lots of Juniper Trees and Sage Brush!

First, here we have the bees, this is our first year with bees, they are doing ok, there's not very many of them, but they are busy!

We have a top bar hive, it's little different than the boxy hives you see, but the top bar is much more economical and easier to work with! Now let's go see Daddys garden!

Kegan, my biggest brother and Daddy work really hard on our garden, we call it our "Kinder"garden, because it is so small and will be nothing compared to the garden we will need in Missouri. It's a good practice garden though!
We have carrots, corn, broccoli, radishes, green beans, cabbage, peppers, pumpkins, and lots of tomatoes!! I love tomatoes!!!! Let's go see the goat, John Boy!

John Boy is a wether..........wether or not?? Ummmm.......Mom says it means he can't make baby goats. Anyway let's see if he'll eat my carrot!
Wow he Loves carrots! Mom says " time to gather eggs", my favorite thing!!

We have 12 hens and two roosters, we get white eggs and brown eggs! I LOVE eggs!!!

I do not care to hold the chickens, thank you very much, but I will pet one! Now let's get on with the egg gettin'.

Ahhh...aren't they wonderful? Every good farm girl knows you can carry eggs in your skirt!! Our chickens are nice and don't bite or scratch!

Thank you joining me on our farm tour, I hope you liked it! Have a wonderful day.


Elsah Doe


  1. lovely! She is adorable and your garden looks great.

  2. Hi
    I found your blog through the 4 moms link up & love your idea of "living back in time!". I'm looking forward to following along on your adventure as you prepare for your move.

    Over here in Australia we hang our washing out almost all year around - I enjoy the chance to get out in the open air & enjoy God's creation all around me!
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. I'm not sure if you got my last comment on your first post because it came back saying it didn't work...hmm! Well here it is again :-)

    I feel so connected with your family as I've always been told I was born in the "wrong era"! I've always wanted to live the pioneer life. While I am not doing that exactly I will be joining the Amish which is pretty close to living pionner! I feel we can relate a lot and hope to learn more as you go on your journey!
    :-) God bless,

  4. I just stopped by your blog via raising olives. I enjoyed the tour of your place. I look forward to reading more about your back to the land journey. This is a bit of a passion of mine as well. :) Although, we are happy here on our 1/4acre and feel this is where God is calling us to be we are reading quite a lot about living off the land and think it may be in our future.

  5. Thank you for the sweet little tour, Elsah! You have a lovely home!

  6. We've been pioneering in our part of the world for 5 yrs now with our troop of 6 kids.we are gradually turning a derelict farm into a cultivated,maintained working farm.These years have been tiring,but also rewarding and we've learnt resilience.Plus a ton of skills!
    May God bless you on your journey,


  7. Wow, if that's a practice garden, don't stop by and see mine. ;-) Beautiful. The tour guide was adorable. Your place is lovely!