Friday, August 6, 2010

A Few Family Photos!

Last week we were part of our 4-H groups entry in the County Fair Parade. The theme for the fair is The Wild West. We had no problem finding outfits for the parade! We had a great time and enjoyed dressing up. Ileigh made her own dress, I was so proud!

The Men of the Family

Dane, Kegan 17, Rohan 8, Quinlan 13, Ferran 4, Donagan 10.

The Ladies of the Family

Misty, Ileigh 15, Elsah 2.

As you can see we are terribly outnumbered!!

Let's not forget the baby of the Family!

Octavian 11months!

Now you know what we look like! Sorry it took so long to put up photos of us all!

We're still working on farm skills and have several posts in the making! Thanks for joining us!

Have beautiful day,


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  1. Precious!! God bless you as you put seeking and doing the LORD's will #1priority---wherever that leads :)