Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laundry Update

I thought you might be interested in how our outside drying is going.  So far so good.......except I am a "dry by the seat of your pants" kinda girl.  Meaning I like to put in a load to wash at 10 o'clock pm and put it in the dryer at almost 11, then get the clothes out in the morning!  When you don't have the option to dry in the dryer that puts a kink in the system.  So I have to do a bit of planning and am getting closer to having "laundry days" where all I do is laundry and then folks have clothes for the week.  We still have too many clothes, but we are getting there.  I threw out all the boys things that were torn and stained, that seemed a good place to start, then I moved on to what was too small for one, but still way too big for the next in line, so those went to goodwill.  It's a slow process, I have so much other stuff to do that it's hard to make sorting clothes a top priority. 
When we put up pur line we bought clothespins at Target.  They were very chintzy, not the type Dane and I remembered from our childhood.  If you snapped those old ones on your finger you certainly felt it!!  These weak and pitiful things kept falling apart when you would pin them on the line.  When we ordered our Aladdin Lamp from Lehmans we also picked out some clothespins.  WOW, is all I can say, they were so much sturdier than the Target ones. 
Here you can see how much bigger they are and how much thicker the wire in the spring is.  These hold up everything, including Danes blue jeans!  I'm so glad we went with these.  They are made in China which is unfortunate, I would love to have some made in the USA, but for now I will be grateful for these. 
So if you do some serious clothes pinning, make sure you have some serious clothespins!!
Have a beautiful day,


  1. I just started line drying about a month ago and I agree- you have to have yourself some good clothes pins! :)

  2. I actually use 3 kinds of clothespins. For light things like t-shirts I like the old-fashioned clothes pins (with no springs). They don't leave the little wrinkly indentations in the clothes. I found mine in the craft section of the dollar store.

  3. LOL, I loved this post. I remember last year when my DH put up my new clothes line, I sent him to the dollar store for some pins. HA HA It was easy to tell that the engineers that designed those pins DIDN’T use a clothes line!!! I know EXACTLY what you are going through! :O)