Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Resolution?!?!

Wow, do I even have any more followers?  Does anyone even look at our little blog anymore?  I know how peeved I get when blogs I read don't update often........I will apologize one more time; soorrryyy. 
I have a New Years Resolution, although I really don't make them because I always break them but, I will really really try to keep this one..........I Misty Anderson Will Update Our Family Blog, Inherit the Earth at Least Once a Week!!  Ok there it is, if I don't, go ahead and send me nasty comments and let know how upset you are ect. ect.!
In reality I have had very little computer time lately and that that I do have I need to spend researching things like woodburing cookstoves and non-electric washers and milk cows and the like.  Things are speeding along very quickly, we are starting paint and muck out our house, getting ready to put it on the market. 
We have been corresponding with the Amish family in Missouri they are getting things ready on their end too.  We are at just over 100 day til possesion!!  yeah!!!  And yes I am a counter I love to know how many days are left and how many have passed. I am also a list person, and a 'love to fill notebooks' person.  So I have lists for moving and lists of things I need to read and lists of clothes we need to get and......well the list goes on and on!
It is starting to sink in how many things we don't know and how many things will be new to us.  It make s the adventure that much more exciting!  I will do a better job keeping you all posted and you can join us on theis crazy ride!
                                                     Thanks for waiting on us and being patient!


  1. I just came upon your blog this weekend and can't wait for your new adventure to start. How are you going to blog with no electric? What made you desire to start this new life?

  2. Glad to see you have updated. I just thought about checking to see how things are going. Keep up the good work. LV LOTS Aunt Linda

  3. I've been having trouble with regularly posting also - such a busy time of year for us all! I just read your post on when you found your farm on the computer - it must have been so exciting! I'm looking forward to following along on your adventure!
    Have a lovely day