Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Farm Story Part 1

Ok, I am back, Quinlan, my 13 year old is, as we speak sitting in the orthodontists' chair having braces put on.  So I have a big block of time to blog!!  Yeah!!
First, how we found our farm;
The first picture we saw of our Amish Farmhouse.
For a couple of years now, since we decided on Missouri as the state we want to settle in, we would look on United Country Realty website and peruse the properties and dream and oooh and ahhh over the green greeness of it all.  So in October Dane pulled up the realty site and as a family we began to look at properties, everyone always talks about what they want on the land; a pond, a forest, pasture.  Ileigh and I wanted a house!  You can put keywords in your land search and then the site will show you properties that contain the keyword.  Well, we had been looking for about an hour and the "littles" were losing patience, it was after all family movie night, and looking at pictures of some far away, maybe going to yours, farmland is not their idea of fun.  I suggested to Dane that he put "Amish" in the keyword search.  Then we would start the movie..............
Let's put it this way, we never got to the movie that night, sorry little guys!  The first farm that came up was ours, we all just knew it. Our computer is hooked to a big monitor on the wall, so everyone could see.  Ileigh jumped up and started reading the description of the property.  The more she read the louder she got, soon all of us were standing up straining around the screen.  Sometimes you just know, this place seem to be ours.  Ileigh and I were typical females, I'll admit, there was squealing and hopping.  The price was amazing, we felt God had dropped this places in our laps!  Dane and Kegan were more subdued.  "Well, we'll see, maybe call the realtor on Monday."  Call the realtor on Monday? Heck, I wanted to fly out now!!  Of course I can be a bit impetuous.  So to make a long story short..........we made arrangements to fly out and look at the farm, November the 1st.  It was a very very long three weeks!

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