Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Winter Look!

As much as I love fall, it seemed time to give our little home on the web a new look.  So now it's all wintery and icy!  Actually, I pulled up my blog the other day and was shocked at the look of it. It didn't look like our blog, then I remembered I gave it a "face lift"!  Anyway, our family has been really sick with a cold this last week, we barley made thanksgiving then fell into the depths of coughing, aching, boogery nastiness.  Some, including myself, are feeling better, others, are still lazing about on the couch wondering if this cold will ever end!  So that's the reason for the delay on the next house post. 
We love our new farm so much, the biggest bummer, and it is a big one, is that we can't move til April.  The Amish family we bought it from had just put up their animal and people food for winter.  The barns were bursting with hay and grain and the cellar and pantries were stuffed full.  So they asked if we could delay possession until spring.  This honestly worked out better for us as well, it gives us time to get our house ready for the market and also tie up some loose ends here.  It was hard, though, to leave.  I am out of time to write more, Ileighs piano lesson is almost over and I need to pick her up.  Next post I will tell you all about our visit with the Amish and about my buggy ride!!!


  1. so excited for your family to hear you've found a house perfect for your dreams! Looks like we'll both be living in an Amish house this coming year!! Though I won't be able to move until June so you're luckier (blessed is a better word I think..) than me :) Can't wait to read how you came across that house and your buggy ride! I recently learned how to drive a horse & buggy so it's very exciting! Will your family still use a car or will you buy a buggy? Can't wait to read more and God bless!

  2. I'm so excited for you guys with your new farm - I can imagine how much you are anticipating your move!
    Would love to hear about the buggy ride!
    Hope you have a good day & everyone recovers quickly