Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know, I know I have been very, very bad.  If I had an excuse it would be that life has been excessively busy.  There was so much going on and then we were out of town, then our Internet went down.  But now all is well, we are still really busy, but we always are so..........

                                               Ok so now on the the really exciting news!  

Isn't she pretty?  She's OURS!! 
Yep, it's a long story, which I will relate in the next post, but she's ours!  40 acres of lovely Missouri farmland.  She's actually an Amish Farm!!  So no electricity, no central heat, no modern anything!!  It's just perfect, really it's exactly what we were looking for! 
Here are more pictures for you to enjoy.
Here is the back/side of the house.  Six bedrooms!! 

A shot from the road, the smaller white building is a Doddy house, (in-laws house), yes...two houses!!!

This is the horse barn, they fill the loft with hay then pitch it through an opening in the ceiling to feed the horses.

This is the garden and orchard, 10 apple trees and the biggest blackberry bushes I have ever seen!

Here is the cold room, it's huge, it's built so it will stay between 48 and 52 degrees, yearound.

The back of the house, four stories!

It also has a 1 1/2 acre stocked pond!

There are about 30 acres of woods on the property, deer, turkey, berry bushes, ect, ect!!

Sorry for all the exclamation points, can you tell we're excited? 
More to come soon,  honest, I won't leave you waiting so long, sorry again!


  1. WOW!!!! I wish I could do a bigger font on the "wow" because I am truly in awe! What a blessing! I am so excited for you. :)

  2. OH WOW! Congratulations!! What a beautiful new farm you guys have! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures as you adjust to this new way of life!
    I am so excited for you!

  3. I am so excited for you! You might not believe this, but a friend of mine,who is a realtor, just told us that he had sold an Amish home to some Englishers in our neighborhood. Could that have possibly been you? I don't know which house he was talking about or I might recognize it from your pictures. If it is you.....we will be very close!

  4. How exciting! Your farm is beautiful, I'm looking forward to reading about your journey to this new "old" way of living;)

  5. oh goodness this is beautiful. what a dream come true. i hope you have many generations to come living there together. that is my dream as well. to live together with family on land by farming and such

  6. I am beyond thrilled for you!!! I can't wait to visit!!

  7. I was going back through kelly's korner kitchen tours trying to get some ideas for my kitchen (we're building a house right now). my husband and his dad own a custom cabinet shop. i read your "about me" section and became intrigued. my husband's family are all or used to be amish. his parents "jumped the fence" during rumspringa and are now english so he was raised english, but his grandparents and a lot of his aunts and uncles are still very amish... then i came to your current post and read your bought an old amish farm house- :) this way of life is very intriguing to me as well! so happy for you that you found "the house" for your family! Glory to God! :)