Monday, July 18, 2011

Hotter than Blue Blazes

When I was a kid my Grandma Frankie used to say it was, "Hotter than Blue Blazes!"  I remember not knowing what it meant exactly, but that it sure was hot!  Well it sure is hot here!  Since the mid-west is locked in the middle of a week-long heat wave I thought I would let you know how you might know it's hot.

You Know It's Hot When:

The dogs are laying in the shade having done nothing but are panting like they just ran a mile!

The chocolate chips in your pantry, (which is supposed to be one of the cooler parts of the house), look normal but when you touch them they are a melted mess!

The littles children strip and run to the kiddie pool, and just lay there and don't move.

The Amish buggies don't zip by at their normal jaunty pace, but slowly clip-clop with the horses bathed in sweat.

The children complain that the pond is no longer refreshing, it feels like bath water!

You look for any reason to get in the van, to go anywhere, as long as the AC is on!

Things around here are pretty humid too, if you can't tell if you live in a humid area, some of these might help you.

You Know It's Humid When:

Your corn chips don't crisply crunch, they bend.

Your pasta can be eaten right out of the bag, as it is chewy, no cooking necessary!

Your toilet paper comes "pre-moistened".

You get out of the shower and dry off, but you still feel wet, so you dry off again, but you still feel wet, so you dry off again, but you still feel wet, so........................

You can't remember the last time you used lip balm or lotion, besides if you did it would mix with the liters of sweat pouring off of you and it would just slide away.

Your clothes, despite being on the line at 95 degrees for 3 days are still damp.

You swatted some flies forgot to sweep them up, they molded!
Ok, well I won't get started on the mold, this desert raised girl simply doesn't know what to do with it, where does it all come from?  UGGHH!!

So keep cool no matter where you are, sit in shade, or in the house if you have AC, drink some sweet tea and remember,
This is the Day that the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!!!


  1. This too shall pass.....enjoy the sweet tea or cold crisp lemonade. Get up before dawn to water everything real deep, round up some shallow stock tanks for the dogs to lay in and find the nearest shadiest river you can find and spend the afternoon there. Before you know it, you'll be throwing wood into the stove thinking on these hot days while the snow flies.

    I'd forgotten about how it was drying off after a shower here while living in Wisconsin! I remember it came back to me real quick once we moved home....ick!

  2. Here in the NW we are having what the newspaper called a 78 minute summer. That is the total length of time the temperature has been at 80 degrees or above. But I remember some of those summers in Calhoun County Illinois. It is a challenging climate upon occasion but not all summers are as hot as the one you are experiencing. What follows is the autumn at it is usually glorious.

  3. Yes, it is quite hot! Here in PA - the heat has become a bit unbearable...but like Sharon stated - it will pass :)

    Enjoy your day,