Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Letters to Grandma

                                                       Dear Grandma,
I wanted to write and tell you all about my wood cookstove.  She is simply beautiful....lots of shiny chrome, and a firebox with a window in it.  I think you would be impressed!  We had some trouble getting it hooked up, the correct stove pipe was hard to find, and although there is lots of Amish around here we couldn't find anyone to help us get it going.  Dane persevered and we finally got it up and running.  I LOVE seeing the fire in the box, it is really nice!  The stainless steel top turned black as the fire got hotter, apparently this is normal, but at first I was appalled and worried we'd done something wrong!  So far I have cooked about 90% of our food with it, we are still using the propane burners Mom and Dad got us for Christmas some.  I LOVE coffee cooked on it, I can put a pot of coffee on in the evening and stoke the stove and go to bed, when I get, strong coffee, it is so tasty.  I am actually having a cup right now, I wish you were here to have one with me, I think you would be proud of what we're tyring to accomplish here!  My stove is such a part of my childhood dreams, I ALWAYS wanted one, I loved when you would cook pancakes on it for me, clown face ones!!  I can still see you standing front of it, poking wood in the firebox, moving pans and pots around, asking what shape we wanted our pancake!  Thank you, for such pleasant childhood memories, you made my life complete!

                      Your Granddaughter,

My Grandma Frankie played a MAJOR part in my life as far as old-fashioned living was concerned, she made the simple life fun and enviable.  Sadly she passed away in 2007, I wish more than anything I could show her my stove and my farm, I think she would approve!


  1. Hi Misty
    Oh it must be so exciting with your new adventure! I hope it is all going well - sounds like the stove is lovely. We have purchased an old wood stove that we are slowly renovating & hopefully it will be connected in time for next winter (which is a year away as we are just going into this one)
    Have a wonderful, wonderful week

  2. My grandmother would always share stories with me about her dearly beloved Wood Burning Stove. She would get a twinkle in her eye as she would recount about her dear friend from days of yore. She always referred to it as her Wooden Stove (since english was her second language).

    As a kid I could never fathom how this 'wooden stove' would not catch fire as she savored memories of loading it up with wood and letting the fire blaze a-plenty. Flash forward decades later to a trip to a museum where they had one on display did all become clear to me. Yeah, 'aha' moments take a while for some.

  3. My Mom (Misty's Grandma Frankie) also loved antiques. She liked them before they were popular so people gave her all kind of "junk" that they didn't want. Now there are enought treasures for Misty, Ileigh and me to share and love.

  4. Hello Misty,
    My husband and I hope to get a wood-burning stove soon,too.
    We used to have one in a converted hay barn, many years ago when we first moved from the city to the country.
    Hubby loved to open the door and sit with his feet propped up in front of it to warm his toes, lol!
    I do appreciate our wood heater in our current home - especially now as we go into winter!
    I'm sure your grandmother would be delighted to see all the adventures you're having today :-)

  5. Gradma Frankie can see it. She is just in a better place and watching you share new memories with your beautiful family. I miss her too.