Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Re-Introduction!

Ah...my little home on the web, it's been so long since I have been here. Kind of like opening a summer cabin after being away all winter.  There are a few cobwebs and lots of dust, but everything seem to be in working order!  I imagine at this point the only ones with any interest who are still looking for updates will be our families.  I can't say with any certainty what I will post but I do know there will be pictures and newsy info and the like.  So here's a bit about us, because we've changed a bit in the last few months!

Who are you?
We are the Anderson Family we moved from our life long home in New Mexico's 4 Corners region to North East Missouri in April of 2011.  We bought a 40 acre Amish farm and went totally off grid!  We lived an old fashioned life for close to a year, by old fashioned I mean No Electricity, No Hot Running Water, No Modern Conveniences, No Refrigerator , No AC! It was a LONG but wonderful year.  I hope to post about our experiences and give you a birds eye view on what a simple old fashioned life looks like.  We are still off the grid but we now have propane lights and stove as well as some electric lights that run off a generator.  We've had to ask ourselves some tough questions about what we really want to accomplish here on our farm, and we are still working through our dreams and ideas.
Oh yeah..............Who Are We?
Dane and Misty, we have been married 20 years and are the parents to 9 wonderful children!  We are so happy to be living our dreams on our farm and following Gods leading in our lives!
Our children are
Kegan, 19         Donagan 12         Elsah 4
Ileigh 17           Rohan 10             Octavian 3
Quinlan 15       Ferran 6               Aliviah 6 months

What are some of your farming accomplishments?
Well, we purchased, freshened, and milked a Jersey cow named Trudy.  This is one of my top highlights of the last year, I LOVE having a milk cow.
We had a dismal garden that simply could not withstand the drought.  We have chickens and we also added Guineas to our barnyard.  The Guineas ate bugs like you would not believe, amazing birds! We hardly saw any spiders this year! 
We have big plans for upcoming projects but things move a little slower than we would have anticipated.
I know everyone would pictures, to be honest I am writing this at the only quiet time I can find, late at night! Ileigh is my picture person and I have no idea where to find the pics and how to get them over here. But soon we'll work it out!
Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions or want to know something about our way of life, we would be happy to share what we can!
In Christ,


  1. Good Morning from Maine!

    I look forward to hearing more about how your first year went "off-grid"! Thank you for sharing!

    Sweet blessings,

  2. OH my Finally I had to look up my password to get onto comment. So So SO SO Glad your back.

    xoxxo to all

  3. Great to see a post from you. I'm really looking forward to hearing how things have been going and seeing some pictures.

  4. So relieved to see you post. I've been checking your page periodically and I was getting worried!

    Sounds like you have been very busy. Looking forward to hearing more about your family adventures and accomplishments.