Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's been a long time, are ya still there?
Our Internet and cell phone signal leave MUCH to be desired around here.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer trying to figure where to go with our blog. I think folks are interested in our journey and we hope to be a blessing to those who are thinking about moving off-grid or living plain.  I think our experiences and our mistakes could be helpful. Plus, we were blessed with a lovely new laptop, so I feel we must push on a try to make it work.  The signal at our farm is virtually non-existent.  If you stand on the back porch and hang off the edge of the railing you might get enough bars to talk to someone!  Our Internet access is through a mobile "hotspot" basically our cell phone.  So not much signal to work with.  We have tried walking all over the farm with our phone and laptop, we must have looked like crazy people!
I was making posts at the local laundromat but then for some reason, there is no signal there now!  I usually can post while in town, but it takes forever for the pictures to download, and to me it's not really a post with out pictures!  SO, our only option that we can see is to try a cell phone signal booster.  Not the cheapy $4.95 kind but the pricey $189.99 kind.  It should work.........but I have read reviews on Amazon from folks who couldn't get any more signal with the booster, than without it.  But there's a money back guarantee, so we're going to give it a try as soon a the next $189.99 becomes available!  Please if any of you have any experience, good or bad with signal booster let me know!

Well after one hour of trying to download pictures, I gave up!  Sorry maybe another day!


  1. I just want to say, I hope you are able to keep up with your blog! I started reading when you joined the family cow forum, and looking forward to hearing of your adventures on your old-fashioned farm.

    Best wishes!

  2. we will be there soon, maynard and quinlan.

  3. I did a little bit of R & D on the boosters. What they do is take a signal from where you normally cannot use it (on your roof or in your attic) and makes it available to where you can (your kitchen). If you do not have a good signal from your roof, you will not end up with a signal inside your house.

    Now who do you send up on the roof to check?

  4. I am a follower from the cow board forum and as a sister in the Lord.
    I have loved reading about all the aspects of your life and will pray for your blogging and signal strength!
    I have been greatly encouraged here, in fact I check a few times a week.


  5. We have the same issue here in the Ozarks as you do. We haven't tried the booster yet, but my in-laws (who live across the field) have one and they love theirs.

  6. I truly enjoy reading your blog! I hope the booster helps your signal at home and makes it easier for you to post. Your post inspired me to check into them for our house as we have a very limited signal and no real options on internet. My husband ordered one this week, so hopefully in another week or so we'll have some luck with one as well.