Friday, July 16, 2010

What Next?

Well, the idea is out there and while we're waiting for flocks of followers, we'll keep up with the blog. We have lots of ideas for posts and how-to's.

If you think about the 1880's and what was available, then look around your home and see what wouldn't be there, it's quite shocking! Just sitting here in my living room I see a dvd player, a flat screen tv, an electric sewing machine, ceiling fan, reading lights, a battery run clock, a wii. Not to mention plastic, plastic is EVERYWHERE! But that's a post on it's own. Now there nothing wrong with modern things or plastic even, but on our 1880's farm those things will not exist. We are working towards eliminating those items, making our way back in time. We hope to address each room, for example, Kitchen and Laundry, and then Living Room and Dinning Room, on to Bedrooms and Children's Toys ect. There's alot to get rid of and alot to acquire.

It feels like we need an 1880's wedding shower!!!

Next Monday we'll be taking in Dane's cutthroat razor, it belonged to his Grandfather, in hopes of getting it really sharp so he can use it to shave, maybe! We will also take in my Grandmas Mothers scissors for sharpening.

So much needs to be done and so many skills to learn, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Not to mention getting our house ready to put our house on the market next spring! Alas one day at a time.

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