Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Fishing

Rohan is CRAZY about fishing, it takes up all his waking thoughts!!  It's all he thinks about!  He has been quite successful in his fishing this winter.  Considering the pond never froze over,(much to Ileighs dismay) he has been fishing at least once a day for months now.  He always brings them up to the house so we can see them and take a picture for his record book, then he releases them, "so they can get bigger and make more fish babies!".  So here is a run down of Rohans  winter fishing, and one Ferran caught too!

Ferran with his own "cat"

16 in catfish

large mouth bass

15in bass

14in. bass

As I was getting ready to hit the publish button, Rohan came in with another 15 inch large mouth bass!!
The boy is a fishing prodigy!  He and and Dane are planning a big fishing trip to our local lake next week, can't wait to see what they bring home

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Bit Of This and That!

I know you all don't want to read, you want pictures!  So here's some!!!

Elsah Loves to Read!!

Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Nice face Donagan!

Ferran enjoying the long winter evening, lots of coloring and story writing has gone on lately!

Ocatavian boy is he cute!

Poppy and His boys.
Ileigh and Elsah on Ileighs 17th birthday!

Quinlan turned 15 this year, where does time go?
 I had several more pics to upload but the server timed out!  Enjoy and have a great day!!!